A Specialty Certification of the National Guild of Hypnotists
To Become Qualified to Work in a Medical Environment

May 25-26, 2013

Location: Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinic
Barnes Citizens Bldg./The National City Bank Bldg.
250 N Water St., 3rd Floor Classroom
Decatur, IL 62523

Presented by Rev. C.Scot Giles & Arthur Leidecker

Hypnotism is rapidly becoming recognized as an invaluable aid to medical treatment. Many hospitals now encourage hypnotists to work alongside physicians. Increasingly, physicians are referring their patients for hypnotism to make the treatment received from the physician more effective. With this new openness to hypnotism has come a concern on the part of the medical community to insure that hypnotists working in the medical setting are properly trained. In response to this widespread request, the National Guild of Hypnotists now provides a specialty certification in the complementary use of hypnotism for medical purposes. This course will be taught by the Rev. Dr. C. Scot Giles, who directs the first medically-approved, hospital-based program for the hypnotic treatment of cancer in America. Also teaching will be Arthur Leidecker, a Guild Instructor and an expert on marketing and the practicalities of running a practice.

This Guild certification will teach you what you need to know to lawfully and professionally make your hypnotism services available to the medical community. It will teach you how to speak to medical professionals with understanding, and how to work with patients to help make the services they receive from their physicians more effective. This certification will be the one the Guild stands behind as the basic credential for Complementary Medical Work.

You Will Learn:

  • Rules for working in hospital and physician office settings.
  • To understand and use the medical model of patient care employed by every medical professional in the nation.
  • How to explain hypnotism to physicians using an explanation of the hypnotic encounter created by physicians.
  • To administer the NGH Induction Profile, a comprehensive objective assessment of a patient’s hypnotizability. This instrument is backed by research and not only convinces the patient of your effectiveness, it also predicts the kind of result you can expect. As a side benefit, the profile easily teaches the client self-hypnosis.
  • How to analyze the personality of patients and adjust your use of hypnotism to match that analysis, using the results of the NGH Induction Profile.
  • How to create a longer-term program of transformational hypnotism for clients who wish ongoing care using the Enneagram, a theory of personality and personal change that is hundreds of years old.
  • Indications and contraindications for the use of hypnotism in the medical setting.
  • Use of electronic equipment in the practice of hypnotism. The use of equipment of this sort is essential in creating the proper impression of your work in the mind of the patient as being scientific and measurable.
  • The neurophysiology of the nervous system and how hypnosis affects the human body. You will be presented with research results regarding the effectiveness of mind/body interventions.
  • How to understand the multi-axial system of diagnosis used by licensed mental health professionals so that you can speak with them in language they understand.
  • Charting and record keeping strategies.
  • How to use metaphor and imagery to transform hypnotic processes to address the medical needs of the client.
  • Marketing secrets on how to offer your services to the medical community.

Who Should Attend:

Certified Members of the Guild who wish to expand their training to include practice in the medical environment or to work with clients for hypnotism regarding medical issues. Participation in this certification program requires certified membership in good standing with the National Guild of Hypnotists. You must have been in practice for at least one year to be eligible to take this specialty certification. Certification will be awarded to you on the basis of a written examination given during the class.


Participants who pass the certification exam will be awarded formal “Certification in Complementary Medical Hypnotism” by the National Guild of Hypnotists. They will receive a certificate, suitable for framing and display, that carries the Guild logo, and they may mention this certification in advertising and promotion.

Take-Home Materials:

  • A large and detailed workbook (more than 125 pages) covering all material, with suggestions for further research and study.
  • Updated research concerning the medical effectiveness of the hypnotic arts and sciences.
  • Included hypnotic scripts – Inner Child Exploration (a mildly regressive induction that puts a patient in touch with their ability to learn new coping skills, and the use of classroom imagery) – Safety Shield Induction (a powerful deep relaxation induction, originally developed for use in the battle field clinic, that is adaptable to almost any circumstance and is more effective than progressive relaxation) – Hall of the Mountain King (an induction using embedded metaphor to promote patient acceptance of changed physical circumstances) – Freezer of Frozen Feelings (an induction to promote self-acceptance and to facilitate healing by circumventing repressed feelings and emotions) – Inner Advisor in Script Skeleton (a variation on a hypnotic strategy used by O Carl Simonton, MD and Bernie Siegel, MD to help patients tap inner wisdom) – Plus many more partial scripts for specific medical conditions.


This training program is for complementary hypnotism, which is the use of hypnotism as an adjunct to conventional medical care. It is intended to train experienced hypnotists to work in a medical environment with medical professionals, or with clients who are seeking complementary care. It is not in any way intended to teach techniques to be used as an alternative to medical care. You will be required to sign a statement acknowledging this limitation and acknowledging the content of this course to be the exclusive intellectual property of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

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