Solid Gold Weekend 2018

March 3-4, 2018
Tuscany Suites Hotel & Casino
255 E Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89169

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Date: March 3-4, 2018   Event Hours: 9am – 4pm each day (Registration begins at 8am on 3/3/2018)
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Tuscany Suites Hotel & Casino
255 E Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89169

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2018 Solid Gold Weekend Speakers & Workshops


SATURDAY & SUNDAY- March 3-4, 2018

Rewire The Brain Through Hypnosis: The Answer For Stroke Survivors

Don Mottin - Rewire The Brain Through Hypnosis: The Answer For Stroke SurvivorsPresenter: Don Mottin, BCH, DNGH, CMI, OB [Mottin & Johnson Institute of Hypnosis, Weirsdale, FL] opened his first office in 1980. He has hypnotized over 50,000 people and has practical experience in every phase of hypnosis. He is the only hypnotist to be named Educator of the Year three times. He has received the NGH Ormond McGill, Charles Tebbetts, and Rexford L. North awards. Don is the author of Raising Your Children With Hypnosis.

What is a stroke? In very simple terms, a stroke is a brain attack. This takes place when blood flow is cut off to a certain part of the brain. Without blood flow, a portion of the brain will die. The good news is that we can actually help rewire the brain. Imagine what could take place if the brain could start learning a new function. For years, neurologists have known that the brain has the ability to repair itself. Where does hypnosis fit into this procedure? There are literally dozens and dozens of behaviors that can be affected after a stroke. You will learn to work with over 20 different symptoms. Here is your chance to give something very valuable back to another individual. A full workbook with scripts, techniques and affirmations will give you the confidence you need to be a success when working with stroke survivors.

You will learn…

  • How to Remove Fears
  • How to Reduce Falls
  • The Left/Right Side Neglect of the Brain
  • About Dealing with Pain Control
  • About Numbness
  • How to Deal with Seizures
  • How to Deal with Anger Within the Client
  • About Memory Loss – Short/Long Term
  • About Weakness and Vertigo
  • About Relationships with Loved Ones, Family and Friends are Affected
  • About the Caregivers Role
  • About what Types of Personality Changes the Client May Encounter
  • How the Communication Skills are Effected and Ability to Speak
  • About Swallowing – Fatigue and the Foot Drop
  • What Happens to Your Self-Esteem
  • About Vision Enhancement & Depth Perception
  • How Emotions are Effected
  • About Plateaus
  • About Impulsive Behavior
  • About Spasticity
  • Plus much, much more!

Designing, Developing and Marketing a Profitable Pain Practice in a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

Ron Eslinger - Designing, Developing and Marketing a Profitable Pain Practice in a Multi-Billion Dollar IndustryPresenter: Ron Eslinger, Capt. USN Retired, CRNA, RN, APN, CMI, FNGH, OB [Healthy Visions; Clinton, TN], was recipient of the prestigious Ormond McGill Award in 2004, NGH Order of Braid Council, Charles Tebbetts Lamp 2012 and the Rexford L. North Trophy in 2014. He is an international acclaimed speaker and author. Ron always gives more than expected.

Learn how to design pain management with hypnosis as a new niche in your hypnosis practice. With hypnosis for Pain Management as your niche or specialty, you will develop the skills necessary to feel competent and comfortable as a hypnotist working with pain/comfort. Know how to set marketing goals and strategies that will move you into the Multi-Billion Dollar Pain Industry.

  • Millions of people suffering from pain are looking for non-pharmacological intervention. Hypnosis can help them have pain-free living without drugs. We, as hypnotists, must design our niche to offer hypnosis services as a safe and effective treatment for pain.
  • We will discuss how to design a hypnosis practice to attract clients, and a referral bank, by creating pain management as our niche. You can take your place in this $94 billion business. Only you can make that decision.
  • Once you have designed pain management as your niche, you have the obligation to develop the skills needed to help clients live pain-free. This is where my expertise from working with pain since 1979 comes into play.
  • I will discuss and demonstrate some of the skills I use when working with pain clients. A key ingredient is understanding that pain is never a single entity. There is always at least one other modality involved. You may be surprised at how easy it is to become the hypnotist pain expert in your area. You will discover that it is easier to work with most pain clients than with weight loss or smoking cessation clients. It is all about the common sense approach to hypnosis. Keeping it simple is key.
  • Marketing is not selling. However, no matter how much of an expert or how good you are, it still takes marketing to attract customers. Customers are both your clients and those who will refer clients to your hypnosis practice. Branding is you connection to the customer. Hypnosis has rarely been seen as a positive brand in marketing. However, in an area such as pain, where little has worked and many have become addicted to opioids, hypnosis is truly the last resort for many.

During this presentation, you are my customer and my task is to anticipate your needs and to share with you how I market, develop my brand, and whom I market to. It is a business, and a business that helps others is successful.

HypnoFertility® Balancing Biology and Destiny

Lynsi Eastburn - HypnoFertility® Balancing Biology and DestinyPresenter: Lynsi Eastburn, CI, BCH [Eastburn Hypnotherapy Center; Westminster, CO], is a registered psychotherapist, NGH Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Instructor. She is the creator of HypnoFertility® – a program based on clinical experience gleaned from thousands of hours in her Colorado private practice and NGH training school (which she runs with her husband Drake) – and she has taught her methods internationally. Lynsi is the author of two world renown books in her field, with a third book due to be released in early 2018.

Infertility is a devastating medical diagnosis that often results in an emotional/spiritual crisis. Something may be wrong in the body – a woman may have issues such as fibroids, endometriosis, poor egg quality… a man may have problems with sperm count, quality, motility… Potential complications are countless. Stress is a major factor that may instigate and/or exacerbate infertility in all instances. Sometimes doctors can find no physical impediment and, in approximately 25% of cases, the diagnosis of Unexplained Infertility is given. Most recipients of this news consider it to be fare worse than any medical condition – to their way of thinking: if it can be identified, it can be treated.

Experience and receive a transformational technique exclusive to the 2018 NGH Solid Gold Weekend. This powerful tool is effective as a directive and/or interactive process, and has not been taught before.

Helping Cancer Patients with Hypnotism

Scot Giles - Helping Cancer Patients with HypnotismPresenter: Rev. C.Scot Giles, D.Min, DNGH, OB [Wheaton, IL] is a member of the Advisory Board of the NGH and is the Legislative Liaison to our AFL-CIO NFH Local 104. He holds the rank of Diplomate and is a member of the Order of Braid Council. He has won most of the awards offered by the Guild. His practice in the Chicago area is a specialty practice in complementary medical hypnotism.

This 3-hour presentation will provide a comprehensive overview of how a Consulting Hypnotist can work successfully with cancer patients. It will present information about the disease, the concerns cancer patients typically bring to the hypnotic session, and how the Consulting Hypnotist can assist. Legal and ethical limitations will be discussed, as well as hypnotic techniques to avoid when working with this sort of client.

  • Cancer care is a growth industry. That is, it is a concern that touches the lives of an increasingly large number of people. Cancer patients are often highly motivated and can be among your best clients.
  • Here are several different hypnotic philosophies for working with cancer patients You need to find the approach that you feel most comfortable with as a practitioner. Some colleagues get excellent results with visualization, while others use regression. What you do for your client needs to flow from who you are.
  • To be taken seriously by the cancer community, you need to know something about cancer, the nomenclature used to discuss it, and about how allopathic and alternative providers address the condition.
  • Cancer patients can have many personality traits in common. These traits often encourage them to engage in behaviors that reduce their physical and emotional resilience. We will explore these traits and how to address them hypnotically.
  • Waking hypnosis is an immensely powerful tool when working with a cancer patient. We will cover the patient’s Explanatory Style, Metaphors, Blueprint, Locus of Control, Boundary Setting, Energy Drains vs Feeders, and the importance of an Absolute Yes and an Absolute No list.


*Program subject to change without notice

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