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Author: D. Mottin - Stage and Demonstrational Hypnosis

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Stage Hypnosis has been with us before anyone ever heard the term "Hypnotherapist". Years ago most people started out as a stage Hypnotist, and then realizing the potential of Hypnosis they became Hypnotherapists. Today the majority of great stage Hypnotists start out as Hypnotherapists. Is Stage Hypnosis good for the profession? If the show is presented in such a manner to be entertaining, while at the same time showing the positive side of Hypnotherapy, the answer would be yes. In this rewarding program you will learn how to conduct stage shows in such a manner to ensure that your performance will be good for the profession. After completing this program you will here your volunteers say, "I am very glad that I was in your show". Typically, Don Mottin has between 10 and 30 individuals make appointments for private sessions after watching one of his shows. This program covers every aspect of conducting shows. You can use the information you learn to add to your talks and presentations. The program consists of 4 video tapes. A complete workbook, plus 200 stage show skits.