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Author: NGH - Professionally written hypnotherapy brochures covering twenty different topics.

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The brochures are camera-ready except for inserting your office information in either of two areas. Selection of stock, colors, and the insertion of your office information can be done when you consult your local printer. Here are the topics: 1.Understanding Hypnosis 2. Personal Development 3. Hang-ups, Fears & Phobias 4.Stop Smoking 5.Loose Weight 6.Insomnia 7. Career Advancement 8. Relax 9. Regression 10. Stress 11.Relationship Therapy 12.Children 13.Seniors 14.Why Fear Physicians & Dentists 15.Pain Management 16.Sexual Problems 17.Athletic Performance 18.Salespeople 19.Imagination & Visualization 20.Learning Enhancement