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Author: D. Mottin - Marketing Your Hypnosis Services. More Information available.

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In order to be a success in the hypnosis profession there are three requirements. 1.You must be a good hypnotist. You need to have the ability to induce the hypnotic state. 2.You must be a good therapist. Once the client is hypnotized you must have the knowledge to make positive changes. 3.You must be proficient at marketing. Regardless of your talents as a hypnotist, and therapist, you must have the knowledge to get the clients in your office. This marketing program will teach you how to generate hundreds of new clients with zero out of pocket expenses. You will learn many, many techniques that are classified as very low investments. The key to correct marketing is not to spend lots of money, but to maximize the return on every dollar that you do invest. Don Mottin is considered the leader in marketing hypnosis services in the country today. Don is one of the few hypnotherapists to ever generate over $100,000.00 in less than seven days. This program will cover every aspect of marketing your services. Why reinvent the wheel? Everything is written out for you in this one program. A certificate of completion will be awarded. The program consists of 2 video tapes, workbook, and handouts used in the live class and a CD with over a dozen cliparts used in ads.