Author: D. Mottin - Hypnosis With Children Program is one of the fastest growing areas of the hypnosis profession. When we examine what makes a good subject we realize that children are perfect. They are creative. They have wonderful imaginations. They do not have the typical fears that many adults have. In reality, children are in an altered state half of the time. In this full-day program you will learn how to work with the child and the parent. Discover new, exciting inductions designed just for children. Learn how to help children with school work, conduct, sports, habits and much more. There is an added section of the class dealing with A.D.D. The adult that has trouble justifying investing time or money on themselves will have no trouble making a decision to help their child. Once you begin working with children, you may not want to go back to your boring adult subjects. This program was taught live in over 10 different cities. Hundreds of Hypnotherapists have discovered the rewards of adding pediatric Hypnosis to their practice. The program consists of 4 dvds and the complete workbook used in the live class.  Join the hundreds of other Hypnotherapists that are earning extra income and benefiting from the self-satisfaction of helping children. A certificate of completion will be awarded.

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