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NGH Hypnosis Music Volume 4 CD: Royalty Free Hypnosis Music

The latest of the NGH Hypnosis Music - Royalty Free Hypnosis Induction music. The first track on this CD is filled with trance inducing keyboard & electronic harp sounds. Track two Summer Storm has beautifully composed piano melodies with a summer rain storm in the background. Track 3 is the piano melodies alone - you can either repeat track 3 while doing a session or play track 2 and let it run into track 3. Your clients will enjoy this CD.

Original Music Written & Produced By: Jereme Bachand, CH & Eric Newhall, CH
Piano Composed by: Mark Demyanovich

Track Listing
Track 1 -Trance Melody (26:13min)
Track 2 - Summer Storm (14:54min)
Track 3 - Summer Piano* (14:36min)
*Same as Summer Storm but Piano only no nature sounds in the background

Samples (Open in new window)

Track 1 - Trance Melody - 2:08 min sample.

Track 2 - Summer Storm - 2:13 min sample.

Track 3 - Summer Piano - 2:38 min sample.

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