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A great book on how to get your practice rolling. Most of us aren't born salesmen, so we need a "how to" book such as this to build a successful practice.

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We have been fortunate through the years to publish authors who have a deep love and enthusiasm for the art, science, and philosophy of our profession - the practice of hypnotism. John Weir is another shining star in our NGH galaxy of authors. He loves his chosen profession and is filled with excited enthusiasm about how hypnosis can help people. He has "been there" and "done that" when it comes to building a practice as a consulting hypnotist, and now shares it all in this valuable book. We have always said that in order to sell something you have to own it, and hypnotism is no different. John owns it and so can you if you study this book, feel John's enthusiasm and put the information to work in your own practice.