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Author: L. Kuhn/S. Russo - This book is without doubt the most important contribution to the clarification of our concepts of hypnosis and its basic problems that has been published in decades. Hypnosis is a subject, which, like birth, sex and death, has had a "magic" attraction for man since his ealiest beginnings.

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Whether there is any truth in the myth that the pre-historic men of Atlantis had the sorcerer's power of Klingsor to remove boulders without touching them, or whether it is only a fable, we will never be able to decide. But our acceptance of the possibility of having "supernatural" power over nature and our fellow men, or of being ourselves overpowered in this way is proof of the fundemental dynamics of fear and desire for power in the life impulses of man. And as long as these exist, the problems of hypnosis will demand discussion at a level corresponding to the stage of development our philosophy and civilization has reached.