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Author: Virgil & Connie Hayes - Mastering Dragons - Hypnotic Problem Solving & Goal Achievement.  This manual shows us how to regain and teach that self-control to our offspring, students and clients for the betterment of society.  Product Type:  eBook CD

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This text exposes and provides numerous hypnotic tools to identify, challenge, destroy, then rebuild more appropriate decision making capacities and test the work we have accomplished as a single stage in the ongoing evolutionary process of life, as we continue to adapt to a constantly changing social and environmental conditions as mature adults. This is a tremendous threat to societies manipulators as the training and skills they have developed to convince you and others "Their Pretentious Authority's" beliefs and decisions were more appropriate to become impotent as you and yours regain the self-control as a free agency. This process is not new as it has been within each and every person all along from the beginning. What is new is the recognition and application from an individual and unique perspective of self instead of conformity and uniformity demanded by society! Use what you have had all along, but because you didn't know it, allowed others to decide what was right, true and correct instead of yourself! Take the challenge as your truth can be re-evaluated a thousand times and still be the truth, but lies we tell ourselves can usually only sustain a single challenge! Buy this CD now for immediate applications in your life!