Hypnotism's Strangest Phenomena: The Bizarre, the Odd, and the Unusual by Bakas Ph. D., Norbert W. [Paperback]
This book is the accumulated insight of someone who has been part of the hypnotic community for over 68 years; the reader will find in this fascinating page-turner a book that is hard to put down. Dr. Bakas is inventive, flexible, and creative and has a willingness to go beyond conventional approaches. Combine these qualities with a charming sense of humor and the reader will enjoy learning about hypnotism's bizarre, odd, and unusual phenomena. - Edith Fiore, PhD, Clinical Psychologist (Retired) *Author: Bakas Ph. D., Norbert W. *Binding Type: Paperback *Number of Pages: 224 *Publication Date: 2011/03/10 *Language: English

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