GolfNosis - Tee Time For Your Mind - Mental Techniques For Golf That Work!

GolfNosis follows the journey of four golfers of varying skill level as they discover the mental side of golf. On the way they find out the power of hypnosis and experience how hypnosis can help them lower their scores.

Their road begins at a two day charity golf tournament where they experience frustration and lack of consistency in their golf game during the first day of the tournament. That evening they attend a stage hypnosis show and get the opportunity to experience hypnosis first hand. The foursome are intrigued by the power of hypnosis and begin to realize that hypnosis could help them improve their golf game.

During the stage hypnosis show the volunteers are given suggestions to help them play better the next day of the tournament.

As the foursome play the last day of the tournament they incorporate the hypnotic suggestions and find how easy it is to play better.

After their improved play during the second day of the tournament the foursome are curious to learn more about how hypnosis can help their game and sign up for the upcoming GolfNosis seminar.

The foursome attend the Golfnosis seminar and learn about hypnosis and how it has helped other athletes. They learn about the conscious and subconscious minds by doing some fun and entertaining exercises. They learn 90 different techniques to help them lower their scores. These techniques are taken from a wide variety of disciplines from meditation and the martial arts to acupressure, NLP and hypnosis.

Only techniques which have been proven to work are shown. The four golfers use the mental techniques learned in the seminar out on the course and discover how easy it can be to improve their game.

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