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  • Power Hypnosis

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    Author: NGH - Power Hypnosis which was used as a textbook by Drs. Damon & Hughes, was compiled in Davenport, Iowa in 1956...

  • Hypnotic Script-Editing Secrets The Masters Use

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    Author: S. Fox - This report offers twenty-three hypnotic script-editing ideas and tips. The following pages sometimes contai...

  • Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism

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    Author: Ormond McGill - This book has been long in the process of research, assembly and finally production.

  • Covert Hypnosis

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    Author: Kevin Hogan - The title alone draws up images of the clandestine and secretive. And perhaps should. My first goal in ...

  • The Illustrated History of Hypnotism

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    Author: J. Hughes - The Illustrated History of Hypnotism - From Franz Anton Mesmer to Milton H. Erickson

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