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  • Modern Hypnosis

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    Author: L. Kuhn/S. Russo - This book is without doubt the most important contribution to the clarification of our concepts of...

  • Practical Hypnotism

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    Author: P. Magonet, PhD - His own case histories have provided Dr. A. Philip Magonet with a wealth of background experience, ...

  • Hypnosis: What it is - How to use it

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    Author: L. Wolberg - This book is a concise guide to the merits and limitations of modern hypnosis as an aid to health. It ta...

  • How You Can Bowl Better Using Self-Hypnosis

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    Author: J. Heise - No Description Available.

  • Who Were You Before You Were You?

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    G. Oppenheim - Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe are memories of p...

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