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  • Auto-Suggestion

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    Author: J. Hughes - The concepts of autosuggestion here in presented can be traced back to antiquity.

  • Calm Communicating: Speaking Program

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    Author: S. Fox - The ideas in Calm Communicating are based on extensive research and personal experience.

  • Conversational Hypnosis

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    Author: C. Sommer - A Manual of Indirect Suggestion. Examples: Induction Scripts Pre-Session Talks

  • Extraordinary Healing

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    Author: M. Gordon - Extraordinary Healing is two books in one. It is first a book of wisdom that has been called "poetic and ...

  • How To Plan Successful Formulas/Hypnotherapy

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    Author: O. McGill - In relation to hypnotherapy, suggestion-formulas are the "seeds" which are planted in the garden of the c...

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