President’s Message

Sixty nine years and counting … I’ve spent quite a bit of my adult life first as a professional stage hypnotist and then many years as president of the National Guild of Hypnotists. The latest ear, starting in 1986, has been 30 years of pursuing and achieving our Big Idea – our recognition as a separate and distinct profession.

Our accomplishments during the past thirty years have been supported by a group of like-minded hypnotists who have embraced the “Big Idea” of hypnotism being a separate and distinct profession. I’m very grateful for their loyalty and support, as well as a tight core group who I could always count on to help me by taking action steps in so many ways.

Thankfully we now have younger generations who are also dedicated to continuing in our footsteps, so there will always be confident and competent NGH consulting hypnotists. And, if history is any criteria the National Guild of Hypnotists will continue to set the standards for another sixty-six years and more.

I wish all of you could have experienced the wondrous experiences that I did in those formative years of the profession after WWII … “wondrous experiences” you say? Yes, to a seventeen year old hypno-enthusiast which is exactly what I was  – wondrous – starting when I became assistant to Dr. Rexford L. North at the Boston Hypnotism Center.

We’re a brand new profession which is actually thousands of years old. In the USA and now 80 other countries during the past sixty six years the National Guild of Hypnotists has gone from a mere handful of members to over 18,000 in more than 81 countries and we’re still growing.

When a member says that if it wasn’t for the National Guild of Hypnotists our profession would still be back in the ’50s – it’s probably true, but I can’t help but to think of how much more we will do as we continue telling the story. When I’m having lunch with my associates Pat MacIsaac or Don Mottin we love to get the waitperson to ask what we do for a living, and if they don’t ask us – we ask them … “what do you think we do for a living?”

We never get bored of telling folks that “we help ordinary, everyday people with ordinary every day problems, using hypnosis – we are consulting hypnotists.”

Our Vision is – “A time when a visit to the consulting hypnotist is as common as a visit to any health care provider.” We’re always tired after our annual convention, but it’s a “good” tired. We’ve been with over a thousand old friends … we’ve made new friends … shared new ideas and experiences, and we’re pumped up with positivity and re-charged vitality.

If you’re not an NGH consulting hypnotist maybe you’re missing something in your life. If you want more information give us a call at 603-429-9438 or email at and ask for a Free Information Kit to be mailed to you.

Dr. Dwight F. Damon, President
National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc.

NGH Mission Statement

Our Vision
A Time When A Visit To The Consulting Hypnotist Is As Common As A Visit To Any Health Care Provider.