Call For Presenters!

NGH 2018 Convention & Educational Conference
August 10th – 12th – Marlborough, Massachusetts


“Sharing The Vision”

NGH Presenter Proposal Deadline EXTENDEDOctober 15, 2017

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All Submissions must include the following information:
1. Title:
The title/sub-title should accurately describe the presentation using NGH approved language refer to the NGH Code of Ethics. The title/sub-title are part of marketing, and should be written to generate interest from your peers. (Think of "5-10 words to fill your room.")
2. Sub-Title:
3. Format:
Pre/Post Convention Workshop Format
*Pre- and Post-Convention workshops are limited to presenters who are able to, through their own marketing, draw additional attendees to the Convention. If you submit a Pre- and/or Post-Convention Proposal, an additional sheet describing your Marketing Plan is required.
*Pre/Post Convention Marketing Plan:
4. Target Audience:
Audio/Visual Equipment List: Flip Chart or White Board, Overhead Projector, DVD Player & Monitor, CD Player, LCD Projector Screen, Nothing Needed.
5. Audio/Visual Equipment Request: (please list as appropriate or indicate "Nothing Needed")
Presenters using PowerPoint will need to provide their own LCD projector and computer.
6. Preferred Day & Time: Below please indicate your 1st, 2nd & 3rd choices for your preferred day & time to present. Presentations without 3 choices cannot be considered.
6. Preferred Day & Time (1st Choice):
6. Preferred Day & Time (2nd Choice):
6. Preferred Day & Time (3rd Choice):
7. Objectives - Briefly state, in bulleted format, what participants will be able to do after attending your presentation. You need 2 objectives per hour of presentation. Please read and use as example the PDF How To Write Behavioral Objectives. Download by Clicking Here
7. Objectives:
8. Description - A brief 75 word description of the content of your presentation. The description will be used for Convention marketing purposes, so use clear, conversational & NGH approved language. Be sure to include why/how participants will benefit from your presentation.
8. Description:
9. Proposed Handouts - 1 to 6 pages which help, clarify or offer additional information about your topic. Information that will further the understanding of your attendees, such as brief abstract of your program, list of resources from which you did your research, specific outline of your program, examples, etc. Advertising or selling is not appropriate in handouts. Please email these pages to the NGH Florida Convention Office -
10. Presentation Plan - A detailed description of your presentation. This plan should include: An agenda outlining the content you plan to present, indicating the amount of time you intend to spend on each section. Also a description of the way you plan to present each section of the presentation (such as discussion or exercise or demonstration, etc.)
10. Presentation Plan:
11. Biographical Information: 75 word biography that highlights your background as relevant to this proposal content.
11. Biographical Information:
12. Speaking References: First Time NGH Presenters Only - Please provide the names and contact information below for two people who have heard you present.
12. Speaking References (1st time presenters only)
**By submitting this Proposal Form, you are committing to be at the 2018 NGH Conference for all 3 days. I have carefully read and agree to abide by the stated rules and requirements and to cooperate with the NGH Convention Staff on administrative arrangements. I understand that if I fail to meet stated deadlines it may be necessary to delete me from the Convention program.

Presenters Whose Proposals Are Selected Must Agree To:

-Provide additional information as requested by the Convention Committee and Staff.
-Collaborate with other presenters and the NGH Convention Office in actively promoting the NGH Convention.
-Refrain from making any substantial changes in program content or format without prior approval.
-Allow NGH to audio and/or video record the presentation for educational purposes.
-Refrain from using the session as a forum for promoting a business, product or services.
-Guarantee that they are the sole proprietors of their materials and that no proprietary rights or copyrights belonging to any other person with the exception of acquired specific and acknowledged permission.
-Guarantee that the topic they are proposing will not be presented in any other venue during the 2 months preceding or 1 month following the NGH Convention or a topic with certification identical to other Summer Institute (Pre & Post Convention) topics with certifications (Why would you compete with yourself, NGH or fellow faculty members?).

By submitting this for you electronically agree to the above statements.

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