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District Hypnosis

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Address: 1050 Connecticut Avenue N.W., Suite 500, Washington, DC 20036
Telephone: (202) 853-8400
Email: info@districthypnosis.com
Websites: www.DistrictHypnosis.com

Rita Leiphart first became interested in hypnosis while working as a sound and vibrational therapist with LifeForce Practices, the energy healing practice she co-owns with her partner, David Wright. When she began seeing the benefits of integrating hypnosis into energy healing protocols her interest was ignited. In January of 2014, Rita and David opened District Hypnosis, a downtown Washington, DC office created exclusively for their hypnosis clients. A few months later they moved LifeForce Practices into the same suite. District Hypnosis defines itself by its client achievement, the ease of its programs, and lifestyle accommodation. Weight loss, stop smoking and stress relief are among the most popular hypnosis programs and all programs are customized to the unique needs of each client.

Rita Leiphart has studied under many great teachers, including her mentor, Scott McFall. With the benefit of a vast network of resources, she keeps current with industry advancements that are conducive to furthering client achievement.

When all is said and done, successful hypnosis is measured by the success of the client, and it is my clients who inspire me every day with their ingenuity and insight. When a client expands their perspectives and lets go of limitations that once seemed overwhelming, I am humbled by the courage, talent, flexibility and resources they are able to discover within themselves.” – Rita

Client Services
Weight Loss
Virtual Gastric Band
Stop Smoking
Stress and Anxiety Reduction
Anger Management
Grief and Loss
Releasing the Past
Regression Therapy
Guilt and Forgiveness
Public Speaking and Performance
Sports Improvement
Setting and Reaching Goals
Eliminate Bad Habits
Substance Abuse
Pain Control
Sleep Walking
Nighttime Terrors
Work and Job Performance
Self Hypnosis Skills
Accelerated Learning
Focus and Concentration
Self Esteem
Optimal Health
Writers Block
Enhance Creativity

And We Also Offer Custom Corporate Programs

Service Area:
Washington, DC and the DC Metropolitan Area including Maryland and Northern Virginia.