Dr.Morrin Bass, Phd, MBA, BCH, CI

Mark Schwimmer, CH, CI, Master Prac. NLP, Facilitator MythoSelf Process

New York Awareness Center

Contact Information

Address: 178 Columbus Ave., New York NY 10023-9998
Phone: (347) 783-9136 or toll free (866) 522-5886
Contact: newyorkawarenesscenter@gmail.com
Website: http://www.newyorkawareness.com

Background Information/Bio

Mark SchwimmerPres. New York Awareness Center
A practicing hypnotist since 1981, with an extensive background in sales and business. Mark specializes in using hypnosis as a tool to enable high performance individuals to be more effective in whatever areas they choose to put their attention. He believes that success is dependent on access to a state experience. Rather than addressing specific symptoms i.e. smoking, weight loss, confidence, etc; he treats the client as a whole being, understanding that when they are in the state that is most appropriate for optimal performance, their actions become balanced and aligned. Essentially, Mark first teaches the client how to learn. As a trainer, he teaches the whole student.  More than a lecturer he actually teaches the student how to learn so that it becomes easy and effortless. Like this, anything is possible.

Dr. Morrin Bassfounder of New York Awareness Center
Morrin Bass is a gifted hypnotist natural healer, spiritual teacher with a charming and gentle personality. She quickly establishes rapport with her clients, students, and audiences largely due to her uplifted spirit and light, positive energy, and her knowledge with more than 10 years experience in the field of hypnotism.  Ms. Bass is a motivating educator, and talented spiritual being driven by her natural talent and the energy of her light.

Client Services
Serving NY, NJ, CT…experienced in training and mentoring internationally

Specializing in;
Professional Hypnotist Training NGH Certification, and proprietary Advanced Trainings
Mentoring/Consulting for Creating Futures That Work
Stress Management for Success
Learning to Let Go of Tension
Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
Spiritual Hypnosis with Morrin Bass (Past Lives and Life Between Lives)