Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m an NGH Member can I renew my membership online?

A: Yes. You may renew your professional membership on our secure online Renewal Form.

Q. I’m an NGH Member and need to change my address, phone number, or email address how can I do this?

A. You can submit your address/phone/email change via email – Subject: Address Change – please provide your NGH Membership number as well.

Q: Can you refer me to a hypnotist in my town, city or state?

A: By calling the NGH headquarters at (603) 429-9438 and providing us with your name, state, 3-digit telephone area code, and zip code along with any other pertinent information we might need. You can also FAX us at (603)424-8066. We can also accept email. You must remember to include the same information as above. We require this information because our Referral Database is Zip Code Oriented.

You may also try our Online Referral System, replies are done manually – please expect a 2-4 day turnaround, Thank you.

Q: I am certified by ________. Will NGH accept my certification?

A: Many certifications, organizations and schools are recognized by the Guild for reciprocity. Please request a New Member Application.

National Guild of Hypnotists
P.O. Box 308
Merrimack, NH 03054-0308

We will be happy to provide an information kit with samples of NGH publications and a full application. Request this by mail, fax, phone or e-mail. Be sure to include your postal address for shipping.

Submit your fully completed application, along with the appropriate dues to the NGH at the address above. All dues are refundable, if for any reason you are not accepted for membership. Please include as much documentation as possible with your fully completed application. We are an international professional organization with members in 40 countries. Your application is applicable to interested parties anywhere in the world.

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Q: Do you have Books and Videos on hypnotism for sale?

A: We have an Online Bookstore or you may call the NGH Headquarters and ask for a specific book, video or specialty item. 603-429-9438

Q: I am doing a research/term paper/career report/magazine article etc. Can NGH provide me with any information?

A: Contact the NGH office at the number below. Please include your name, actual address with zip code. If you are a professional writer: Please call for interview referrals along with specific information and statistics.

National Guild of Hypnotists
P.O. Box 308
Merrimack, NH 03054-0308
Phone: 603.429.9438
Fax: 603.424.8066

Q: What are the Legal Requirements/Restrictions in my State?

A: Contact your Local Chapters of NGH first for information in your area. You can also download the NGH State Law Guide.